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Chap u Chap RDC deal Backfires as...Golden Dragon Reminder Letter Exposes Ghanaian Company - News in Sierra Leone
Chap u Chap RDC deal Backfires as...Golden Dragon Reminder Letter Exposes Ghanaian Company
Published On : 2020-02-23 02:30:49
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The chap you chap syndrome which many government officials usually do to milk and drain government from its needed resources has landed a so called foreign investment company in shame alongside senior members in the Bio government.

This is happening at a time when majority of the masses are crying out loud for better facilities, as hardship and survival has become the order of the day under the New Direction. If President Bio is serious in the fight against corruption, it is but fitting that such a matter at a point in time like this should not allow culprits to go unpunished. Big names like current Transport Minister-Kabineh Kallon among others are said to have collided allegedly with RDC Ghana to cook up a different contract value for the 50 buses, far from the actual price from the manufacturer in China.

The reminder letter sent by the Manufacturer Golden Dragon dated 15th September 2019 to RDC Ghana Company Ltd, requesting for balance payment of the 50 government school buses, speaks volume of how the Ghanaian company was unable to honor payment for the procurement of the Buses.

The letter in question was sent to RDC Ghana Company regarding overdue balance payment against contract No.GDES-18-361. The contract clause 8.3 was that RDC Ghana was supposed to have arranged payment of USD 1,137,820.00 as balance owing to Golden Dragon within 90 days from the Bill of Lading date.


The shipment date set in the Bill of lading was May 11, 2019, but at the time the letter was sent to RDC Ghana, Golden Dragon explained that the above mentioned payments was delayed for over 30 days with no response from RDC Ghana. Golden Dragon even went further through their reminder letter, asking RDC Ghana to arrange the full payment, but RDC Ghana, according to investigation, still renege as they could not provide the said amount or were waiting on direct payment from the government.


This angered Golden Dragon, who in another letter written to the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, demanded that the ministry should instruct the local contractor (Ali Abess Transport and General Enterprises) to effect the payment. Therefore, the local contractor acted within the law to effect the balance payment to Golden Dragon. And now that the local contractor has fulfilled his obligation in the procurement of the 50 buses, honoring all taxes as well as direct payment to Golden Dragon, RDC Ghana, who was unable to meet their financial obligation, is now demanding an amount of One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars from the local contractor.


Part of the said amount which RDC Ghana is claiming is what they want to share with some top members in the Bio government as commission, but the local contractor is said to have kicked against the idea because of the fraudulent claims, hence the reason why RDC Ghana and some top members in the Bio government have resorted to filing a lawsuit through RDC Ghana, when in reality they are the very ones supporting the company undercover.


The same RDC Ghana recently approached journalists to drop the matter, offering a particular amount of money, stating that the stage has already been set and that RDC stands a chance of winning the case. But one could imagine how can a rogue company claiming to be a genuine investor, could cook up a figure to steal from the government of Sierra Leone. The matter which is presently at the Sierra Leone Fast Track Commercial Court will again come up for hearing on the 3rd March this year.

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