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Ya Go Do? President Bio's Imminent Wedding Questioned - News in Sierra Leone
Ya Go Do? President Bio's Imminent Wedding Questioned
Published On : 2020-02-19 04:39:22
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As news of President Bio’s renewal of vows continue to spread like wild fire across the country, citizens are asking about the rationale and wisdom behind such a pompous engagement, especially when consideration is taken of the economic situation in the country and the struggle by the masses to put food on the table.

According to sources close to the First Lady, both President Bio and Mrs. Fatima Bio have been married for many years now and so it does not make sense to undertake a second wedding at such a crucial time when the economic hardship in the country can be mirrored as austerity.

Many Sierra Leoneans are not opposed to the wedding per se, but are simply concerned about the insensitivity of the father of the nation to the plight of his people.

Some political analysts say that it is a misplaced priority. His Excellency has failed to prioritize the interest of the nation against his own. It goes without saying that such an occasion will be executed in pomp and spleen dor, attended by big dignitaries from the sub-region and this demands pumping money into the ceremony, hosting them in top hotels etc.

Though it is not farfetched that the President may have gotten several donations from many quarters, the question remains: will those donations or gifts be accompanied by presidential favours in the future?

Some pundits are of the opinion that the president’s recent travels may not be unconnected with invitations to his colleague heads of state to grace his wedding. Whilst the President and his colleagues will be mellowing and having a good time during the wedding, his compatriots will be struggling to put food on the table for their families. The bread and butter issues have now taken back stage as all hands will be on deck to make the President’s wedding a glorious one, befitting of a sitting President. Ya go do...? Ya Go Mus Do!


Source: The Times  SL

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