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Over Night Lending, Bank Overdrafts... Bio's New Direction Needs International Bailout - News in Sierra Leone
Over Night Lending, Bank Overdrafts... Bio's New Direction Needs International Bailout
Published On : 2020-02-16 23:16:37
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Photo: President Bio


Sierra Leoneans have been calling for the return of the country's state of affairs to what it was before April 2018, so as to forget about the economic hardship, difficulties and hard struggles under the New Direction.

Since elected as President of this Nation, President Bio has tried his best to actualize his vision and aspirations, which were in his manifesto, but all those efforts are yet to yield dividend. It appears as if the New Direction is unable to turn things around despite the noise and propaganda put up when in opposition. The current state of affairs under the Bio led government is not anything to write home about. Whether the President is ill-advised is something for another day. Our President has a very good and sound vision as echoed in his manifesto, but to have turn them into reality is like carrying the head of an elephant. It will be better if the President can declare Sierra Leone bankrupt, so as to be able to attract international bailout, which will be an added advantage to us as a nation. The daily increase in prices of commodities is sending a strong message to the world that all is not that rosy in Sierra Leone.

Whilst the New Direction keeps blaming the previous APC Government for what the nation faced today, many believe that the blame game has exposed the Bio government’s inability to manage the economy. Many people are of the view that if the SLPP is blaming the APC which is no longer in governance for their non performance, what will people say about the reign of Ernest Bai Koroma, who inherited a battered economy in 2007, but that never stopped him from achieving some of his aims and responsibilities as a responsible government. Under the APC led government of Ernest Bai Koroma there was massive infrastructural development; better electricity and health, and other sectors are said to be far better than what obtains under this current dispensation. Does that mean EBK was using magic to undertake and finance many projects from domestic revenue generated? The New Direction is suffering today because it deliberately failed to understudy the EBK APC led government. Government we all know is continuity.

The hardship and suffering is affecting every nook and cranny in the country to the extent that even members of the ruling party are crying " di gron dry". President Bio recently shot himself on the leg by clearly expressing that the people have been complaining for positive results. He told his cabinet recently at a retreat that the yellow card which he had been using in his last twenty months will be replace with a red card. " Our people are not happy.


They need results and I am urging you all to work hard and do the deliverables. If you are unable to deliver you might be shown the red card" President Bio emphatically warned members of his cabinet. But others have a different view of the President’s statement and therefore took it with a pinch of salt. ‘‘If the President is serious with his red card pronouncement, the first thing he should have done was to replace the current Finance Minister, Jacob Jusu Saffa, whose stay in that office has worsen the hardship’’ a seasoned political lecturer opined. If EBK in his first term was able to replace David Carew as his first finance minister for non- performance, why is President Bio jittery to do the same...Our President is playing cheap politics at the expense of the masses. He keeps saying A but is doing B. So what do we expect from such a system?


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