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OLDTYME Bitter root...Papa Drink It, Mama Happy...Another Killer in Town? - News in Sierra Leone
OLDTYME Bitter root...Papa Drink It, Mama Happy...Another Killer in Town?
Published On : 2020-02-14 05:04:31
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OLDTYME Bitter root….Papa Drink It, Mama Happy…
Another Killer in Town?

By Sall Tee Jay

Sierra Leone will never cease to amaze me especially when it comes to quality control of products. The proliferation of alcoholic companies is causing serious threats to the lives of our youth and the entire nation at large. It is as if Sierra Leone is now the paradise of all kinds of alcohol that lacks standards and quality control.

In advance countries, one will agree with me that priority is given to quality control so as to protect the public from consuming anything that is hazardous to one’s health. This is certainly not the case with Sierra Leone; a country where people prefer money at the expense of others. If it is not substandard drugs, you will either hear of substandard or contaminated products.

Of more concern is the deliberate negligence on the part of the agencies responsible to maintain standards and quality control to effect the necessary measures in curbing these societal menace that are destroying our youth.

In Sierra Leone, the agencies charged with the responsibility to regulate the beverage producing sector are the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

Unfortunately, these agencies seem to be doing little or nothing in trying to curb the proliferation of these harmful alcoholic drinks.
While these cheap alcoholic drinks such as the new ‘Papa Drink It Mama Happy’’ killer drinks produced by NICOM-SL are causing serious harm to the lives of our youth, the Ministry of Health, Trade and Standards bureau whose responsibilities include checkmating some of the companies that are producing some of these products, seem to be serving as accomplices.

Even if they do checkmate them, of what essence is their oversight. Parliament which happens to be the representatives of the masses must be very proactive to bring to book defaulters that violate standards.

One example of such products is the Old-time Bitter root….Papa Drink It, Mama Happy, which is causing serious health problem among the Sierra Leoneans youth.

The Papa Drink It, Mama Happy alcohol is now described as the new killer alcohol in the country, just as the case of the Kosombo that also succeeded in destroying young people.

The most achieving thing after consuming this product is simply just making the youth feel high and prepare their minds to cause violence and increases sex appetites which most times lead them to sexual violence.

With the spate of violence on the increase, the public is now calling on the government authorities to ban some of these hazardous alcohol drinks in the country in order to save our youth from early destruction.

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