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Chinese experience remains shining light across the globe despite COVID-19 Virus - News in Sierra Leone
Chinese experience remains shining light across the globe despite COVID-19 Virus
Published On : 2020-02-14 04:42:42
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It is no gainsaying that the world is in bereavement to learn that the sleeping giant of Asia is being confronted by the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), which gained global attention late December 2019.


What has actually come to the limelight is the fact that this virus has not only affected the Chinese Government and People, but also millions of people across the world, who are beneficiaries of Chinese approach to global governance- which is centered around mutual and multilateral cooperations, with a win-win results.


Commentaries are the sole opinions of the commentators, but times have proven beyond every reasonable doubt that, the Chinese experience remains a shinning light in the global spheres, regardless of the current outbreak, which had unfortunately claimed the lives of thousands of people.


The Chinese soft power, which encapsulates love for all, with mutual respect, has occasioned a speedy transformation of the most populous country in the world within shorter period of time.


This is by no means a magic, but hard work, strategic thinking and collective resolve by a country, which knows what it want and it pathway toward sustainable development.


I feel pity for the millions of tourists who had wanted to join the Chinese spring festival to visit the sight scenes across China including the Great Wall, which is one of the seven wonders of the world.


I feel pity for the millions of business people whose businesses have been grossly affected by the outbreak, including my close relative who come to Guangzhou every three months to buy goods.


I feel pity, as a victim, including other international students, across China, who consider this great country as their second home.

It is with the collective resolve and firm belief that we shall defeat the COVID-19.


I note with grave concern an article carried by the Standard Times Newspaper on page 2 on the 12th February titled: “How Xi Jinping’s ‘Controlocracy' Lost Control”.


As a trained media professional, I know for sure that such act is an example of the carelessness of the gatekeeper and it certainly cannot be the view of well-meaning media officials of Sierra Leone, including the Standard Times, which is on record to have been publishing the great story of China.


The least China deserves at this moment is love, courage and great felicitations.


Some of us who have direct feel of the situation at hand know that the Government of the People's Republic of China has demonstrated potently the ability to address the virus.


We cannot forget in a hurry, how it was China which first came to the aid of Sierra Leoneans when we had the Ebola outbreak in May 2014.


Sierra Leone's bilateral relations with China has survived several wild propaganda machinery and the above stated article is no exception.


The Standard Times I know is not perfect,like any other media institution in the world, but as we go along, it is necessary that these kinds of subjective articles are given end notes, viewed with a more clearer focus on acceptable ethical standards.


At this crucial time in the history of China, all we can do as well-meaning compatriots is show friendship, sympathy or solidarity.

A good number of Sierra Leoneans will not buy into such misleading information about the Chinese people and its leadership.

Alice Mamusu Turay Nee Bangura, is a graduate of the Institute of Public Administration and Management( IPAM).

She could not express beyond words, how doing business in China has transformed her life.


She holds the view that China is the safest place for her to do business, as her security is always assured while in China despite the amount of money in his possession.


The Sierra Leonean community in China is a living testament to the fact that Chinese Government has been undertaking the huge responsibility of dealing with 99% of the cases caused by COVID-19.


With a show of huge responsibility, President Xi Jinping has demonstrated huge leadership by encouraging all to bolster huge zest to defeat the virus.


China sustained constant information flow of development regarding the virus with high sense of transparency more than ever before.


This has contributed to safeguard global health security at a very high cost.


On our part, the Sierra Leone Government led by President Dr. Julius Maada Bio and the other political class have expressed great solidarity with China.


I have been opportune to study comparative political analysis and I am not in a position to say which political system is the best.


What I can say without winking of the eyes is that China’s political system has worked for its people and so far so good, this is the best thing that had ever happened to a country that had witnessed miraculous transformation, within a shortest possible time.


"Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have long demonstrated their dynamism, strength and effectiveness." Agreeably!


The Leadership of President Xi Jinping of CPC Central Committee has made tremendous historical achievements which is even visible to the blind.


I need not remind the world of the fact that China has grown into the world's second largest economy.

The once sleeping giant of Asia is the largest industrial country with the largest trader in goods and the biggest holder of foreign exchange reserves.


These feats have been sustained over the years.

China is hugely contributing to global economic growth to about 30%.

At an impressive pace, China has satisfied the benchmark of the UN by lifting over 800 Million people out of poverty and on the finishing line to eradicate poverty by the end of the year 2020.

China, despite the population, is one of the safest places in the world to live and their contribution to global peace has immensely increased over time.


These are true demonstration of leadership.

If leadership is all about deliverables, then we must applaud the leadership of a country, which has done so well for its people and by extension global relations.


Following the health analysis, there is obviously some sigh of relief as the recovery of people that are affected by the virus has increased considerably with decreasing number of affected people.


The global community of civilized nations should discourage every move by anyone to politicize health issue.

Global politics of division and segregation have not helped the world one bit.


Being committed to its opening up policy, President Xi play-host to the Chief of the World Health Organization(WHO) in Beijing, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus.


Dr. Ghebreyesus applauded the openness of the Chinese government in handing the outbreak.


This is the same for several world leaders whom have hailed the speed and scale of China's response to the outbreak, as well as, the staunch leadership role of the Chinese government.


Even for foreigners, the Chinese government has been very responsible to check every foreigner across mainland China to ensure safety and wellness.


Many students here in China have expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for the pieces of encouragement and the preferential treatment for foreign students amid the outbreak.


No one is oblivious of the fact that the virus is dangerous, but those vile propaganda and negative commentaries are worse than the virus and very inimical to global peace and development.


China will win the fight against this virus and the fact remains that Chinese experience is a shining light across the globe, despite the infamous COVID-19 virus outbreak.


By Gunther AB Daramy( Master's Candidate, International Relations and Diplomacy China Foreign Affairs University)


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