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Be drunk with your goal and you too can become great - News in Sierra Leone
Be drunk with your goal and you too can become great
Published On : 2019-07-22 03:44:31
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Be drunk with your goal and you too can become great
M.A Tafsir Fofanah (Oracle)
Have you ever pondered in your lonely world about successful people? 
Success is like leptons buried in an invisible cage. 
Every man should dream to be successful. But it takes humility, unlimited faith in God, courage and utmost perseverance to walk on the pathway to explore success. 
During this journey, you will talk to yourself, scream at yourself, argue with yourself, discourage and encourage yourself to take your back off the bed every morning to explore success. 
At this point, all eyes will fix on your body like the sun on the ground as you become the new street madman. However, this unhealthy reaction of those who cannot read on your face "I am thirty for success" must not determine your fate. 
To be successful, you must only be drunk with your goals. When you become stupor in this tough and rough journey to success, allow perseverance to become yourself psychologist.
Don't forget this Yeddish proverb that says: "from success to failure is one step; from failure to success is a long road." If this old adage is not medicine to your agony, why not read the story of these great vigorous change makers like Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther king Jr, Mahatma Ghandi, Fedrick Douglas, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Barack Obama, Chinua Achebe and so on. 
On the contrary, you may have heard of these famous names, who became great men in the world without finishing their formal education: The Wright Brothers, they invented the "flying machine" and flew the first plane after they were expelled from elementary school. They never graduated but spent a lot of times watching birds in flight. With passion they invented an air plane that gained enough airspeed for successful flight. Next is Mark Zukerberg. He is a Harvard dropout and the founder of Facebook. To him, it is more important to connect the world than to offer services for money. 
Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft are not exempted either.
These great heroes gave their life with one meaning: "passion". And Nelson Mandela once said: " When a man is determine he can overcome anything."
Therefore, embrace determination and encourage yourself to find success and stop accusing "poverty" for your failure. 
Most great men today were once sons of that (poverty) unpredictable circumstance. 
Before I rest my pen on my silent paper, please ponder on these words: "TO BE GREAT IS A CHOICE."
So get up now and make yourself a global asset! 

©M.A Tafsir Fofanah (Oracle) 

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