Slow go development, home and away President
Published On : 2019-08-12 03:56:59
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Slow go development, home and away President

It's over one year now the ruling Government is still struggling to put the country in the shape of a new direction. We are still missing the direction as a country. The change people voted for is still far fetched.

The economy is dancing a bad dance and music is sounding very annoying in the ears of citizens.

Hunger, flooding in big city towns, youth unemployment, access to quality health care, political violence and the agricultural sector is making little or no progress.

This is a wake-up call for the new direction team that all is not well.

I don't want to be naive that the government has not done much, a lot has been done and many Sierra Leonean would agree with me that the government must be commanded in the fight against corruption, the provision of free education and the tough stance in the fight against rape. But more need to be done in addressing some of the issues stated above.


Things are very hard and there is no way Sierra Leonean would continue to listen to complaints about how the ruling government inherited a country in bad shape. One year has gone, we are still living in a slow go development. And the President within the first year and more in office have been home and away.


Mr. President, you have to do something. If this government cannot bring in new investors don't drive away from the country the ones we have. It's better to negotiate a bad contract than to cancel and have nothing in hand.

Something to think about.

No one would convince me that at this time, we should blame former APC for the current state of affairs.



At school, children are promoted at the end of the year.


Sierra Leone must go forward now!

There should be no room for arrested development.

By Sallieu Sesay 

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