Correctional Centres have become very hygienic
Published On : 2019-06-14 09:08:03
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Correctional Centres have become very hygienic- HonGevao
By the SLCS Outreach Unit

The Chairman for the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Human Rights, Honorable Hindolo Gevao, on Friday 14th June 2019, heaped praises on the Sierra Leone Correctional Service for having improved its hygiene in the centres around the country.

Hon. Gevao was addressing a group of people who gathered around him, at the Pademba road Maximum Correctional Centre.

He recalled that during his routine random inspection of centres, past October, he could not withstand the odour that some centres were oozing.

"Overcrowding has become a constant problem for this institution. Most of the ugly things that happen to inmates is not their making. I encourage everyone to come on board to give the SLCS a facelift, for none of us can tell if we'll ever have to see beyond the walls of any of the centres."

He also observed with dismay that the SLCS is faced with stiff challenge in terms of getting the needed resources from the Ministry of Finance. He urged the Ministry to make available the resources for the smooth running of the SLCS.
Having toured some sections in the Pademba road centre, the gathering headed for the Female Centre, at Willoughby Lane, Brookfields.

While there, Hon. Gevao and others were taken by surprise when they saw a child friendly centre and a computer school meant for the female inmates. He tapped the SLCS' Director General (Mr. Joseph Lamboi) on the back for having accomplished such development within three months of his leading.

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