Oswald Hanciles blasts ACC Boss in a good way
Published On : 2019-05-10 04:19:32
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The ACC Commissioner, Ben Kaifala, is doing a fairly good job; commendable!


The ACC Commissioner is not doing a fairly good job in proportion to the magnitude of the challenges of our country.

Photo of ACC Boos

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York city something like this: "The terrorists have not come from a different planet. They are not hanging in the air. They are among us. We know them. We know where they are..". Let us draw a parallel on that with Sierra Leone: the very corrupt are well-known by the people.


Because of the topography of Freetown, the $500,000 mansions of the very corrupt are laughing at the poor people. Those who work in government offices know those who stole big money. The ACC has powers to go into bank accounts of probable corrupt people: and the bankers who work in these bankers know the very corrupt people.


In playing soft ball with the very corrupt people in our country and going after the small boys of corruption in our country while telling the world it is fighting corruption, the Bio Administration is earning the derision of the people, and robbing itself of vital political capital it would need for the 2023 presidential election. And implicitly empowering the political opposition.


I restate this point: the Bio Administration needs to be revolutionary to tap into the energies of the youthful populace of Sierra Leone; or, it could be committing political suicide by its implicit policy of Selective Justice, and rationalization of corruption. With a more robust anti-corruption crusade, the image of the Bio Administration will be burnished for it to atrract billions of dollars in Foreign Direct Investments, and International Aid. That was an opportunity the SLPP Leader, President Tejan Kabbah, missed in the early 2000s after the January 6, 1999 invasion of Freetown - and the concomitant sympathy earned from all over the world. That was the goodwill Flt. Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings got in Ghana in his "Second Coming" in the 1980s - and he transformed Ghana: because he was aggressively and uncompromisingly against corruption. It was the goodwill that flowed into Rwanda lead by Paul Kigame after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda - because it was a leadership with a vision to dramatically transform Rwanda; tough on corruption and indiscipline.


Without a diamond or rutile or iron ore resource boom, the economy of Sierra Leone is likely to be crawling for years to come, not meeting the demands and expectations of potentially volatile youth population; worsened by the unrelenting pressures of a belligerent opposition that 'smells blood' in the economic hardship in the country. The harnessing of the intangible assets of Sierra Leone is the best option out for President Maada Bio and the SLPP. Ben Kaifala's anti corruption campaign is one key way to sheen the image of Sierra Leone.  


Oswald Hanciles, The Guru.  
May 10, 2019 
07:21 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone
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