Oswald Hanciles takes on Denis Sandy Minister of Lands..
Published On : 2019-05-10 04:01:18
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Denis Sandy is not fit to be ENVIRONMENT MINISTER in the 21st Century in any country, especially a tropical rainforests country like Sierra Leone.

Denis Sandy apparently knows very little about the urgency of global warming and man-made Climate Change. He lacks the passion to address the complexities of environmental degradation issues. He is not advising the President very well - that is why we still have Chinese logging in what little remains of our invaluable tropical rainforests. Denis Sandy appears oblivious that a single tree in a tropical rainforests could have taken a thousand years to reach maturity; and could be host to 50 other plant, insect and animal species. You can't just chop off that one tree and glibly talk of "reforestation". Hogwash!!


Wasn't it Denis Sandy who I heard talking about a new State House to be built in the mountain village of Gloucester on the Freetown Peninsula? After the horrendous environmental damage that has been done to the mountain village of Regent by unreined constriction of private houses by the rich; after the mudslide tragedy at Regent in Freetown in 2017, what environment minister who knows anything about the environment won't be appalled at any hint of large scale construction at Gloucester? Except Denis Sandy! Look, if global environmentalists know about that, Denis Sandy would not just be pilloried, he would be crucified!


Please let my words reach him.

Maybe, they should leave him with only a lands ministry. Even that...The way he recently handled the conflict with Barrister Pa Momoh Fofanah was unsavory; demeaning the position of a cabinet minister. His permanent secretary had sent out a release mentioning the Harvard-trained lawyer. The lawyer responded lucidly and robustly. Denis Sandy then wrote a PRIVATE letter to Barrister Pa Momoh Fofanah on what should be an OFFICIAL matter - a letter with syntax that read more like the Krio language than the English language; a letter abusing his position by issuing threats and innuendos on a private citizen who is famous in our country.

I pause,

Oswald Hanciles, The Guru.

May 10, 2019

08:11 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone 

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