Hypocritical APC leaders visit detained labour leaders at CID
Published On : 2018-12-17 01:31:44
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It is really hypocrisy and shamelessness of the highest proportion to see a statement from the APC saying that they went to CID to visit Labour leaders and also help secure their release. This is not the first time since they lost power in April.

When police opened fire and killed a young man in a village near Mile 91 during a police raid, the shameless APC bigwigs visited the village offering condolences pretending to care for the poor and victims of police brutality.

Firstly the arrest and detention of the labour leaders by the police for merely hosting a meeting of Bike Riders must be condemned. The Bio -led SLPP government is increasingly using the police to intimidate the public in general and stifle workers right, peaceful protests and freedom of association. This is unacceptable must be stopped.

Back to the APC visit. This same shameless and hypocritical APC leadership faking now as a pro-Labour party, but when they were in power did the same or even worse. They equally stifled Labour protests event ordered police to brutally put down peaceful strikes across the country. For example police shot and killed striking workers in Bumbuna in April 2012 in which 20 year old worker, Isatu Conteh was killed like a rebel. The Govt did nothing to bring the murderous police officers to book.

This was the same APC, under this same leadership, which ordered police to shoot and kill 17 year old Borbor Savage in Kabala, during a peaceful protest. So many other youths and students across the country, were killed by police. No one was ever held accountable for all the murders of peaceful protesters under EBKs 10 year reign. So why this fake and hypocritical actions? Do these guys have any shame?

The reality is, even though they claim to be a grassroots party and that they are rooted in socialist ideology, they are far from that. Throughout their 10 years in power, they did nothing to improve the conditions of workers or allow them to organize freely. Labour laws remained outdated and APC government under the Earnest Koroma was the most brutal towards workers.

The reality is, APC is as anti-Labour as SLPP. So this facade by APC as a grassroots party, should not fool us.
and under Ernest Koroma’s corrupt kleptocracy, foreign capitalist interests were placed above those of Sierra Leonean citizens and workers.

This current Government though is going down the same path. Recently police invited the leadership of striking doctors to police headquarters. How can doctors who are not in the streets, staying mainly at home, pose a security threat?
The Govt also continues to interfere into the affairs of Okada Riders, Petty Traders and Market traders. Don’t you have better things to focus on?

Workers have the right to to organize themselves into trade unions and associations independent of government and to organize peaceful protests, as a fundamental human rights and democracy.

Workers Unite! 

By Karim Bah. Written 15/12/2018.

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