Shallop's massive investment to promote Sierra Leone’s developments
Published On : 2018-09-13 03:16:56
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US$2 Million investment to Boost the Economy

… Jamal Shallop Leads the Way

Shallop’s massive investment to promote Sierra Leone’s developments

Frantic construction work is well on the way at the Kissy Industry and Trading Limited’s site, which is expected to lead the way in boosting the country’s manufacturing and export sector, thereby stamping the country’s foot prints in the manufacturing industry. Construction work on the boiler, margarine manufacturing plants, storage tanks, administrative building, and warehouse are said to be in an advanced stage much to the delight of hopeful unemployed youths awaiting the opportunity this project will create for them in terms of job creation. Jamal Shallop, owner of the business, is said to have invested US$2 million on this project, a move seen by many Sierra Leoneans as the necessary action needed to rebrand and catapult the country into the realm of the industrialised. His efforts have been praised by locals in whose backyard the project is being built. The contractors have assured that work will be completed by February next year and production is expected to kick-start in March 2019.


Senior Government official, impressed with the massive construction work taking place have described the entrepreneur as in line with the government’s agenda “Jamal Shallop is currently implementing a clarion call by President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction Agenda, which is the diversification of the country’s economy by ensuring a vibrant private sector to serve as the driver for economic growth, income generation, employment and ultimately poverty reduction. His current massive investment at the Kissy Community is assured of promoting competitive, fast-growing and liberal economy and put the country on track the export market so as to make meaningful gains to sustain the national economy.”


Shallop’s Kissy Industry and Trading Limited is currently embarking on a multi-million dollars investment, which when completed, will become a manufacturing industry that will produce soap products, butter, palm cannel oil, and other cosmetics for local consumptions and export to neighbouring countries like Guinea and Liberia.


When completed, the factory will be one of the biggest in the country as it hopes to not only employ hundreds of Sierra Leoneans directly and indirectly but also contributes to boosting the country's investment opportunity and ensure economic growth, hence confirming government’s reliance on the private sector to substantially assist in building the capacity and capability of Sierra Leoneans.


"This is the first project of its kind in Sierra Leone, Guinea, The Gambia, Liberia, and Guinea Bissau. It will be a long-lasting project that brings economic prosperity to Sierra Leone," says Mohamed Dagher, General Manager/Project Coordinator, and added that the project is ahead of schedule as fifty percept work is been done already.


The Contractor, Breat Construction and Engineering Limited is currently partnering with some Indian Expatriates and local staff to do a simultaneous construction work on the refinery, boiler, filling station, administrative and other factory buildings etc.


Manjunath, an Indian Company Site Engineer assured that nine tanks of fifteen meters high each and with a capacity of eight thousand tons will soon be completed.


When completed, the factory will have various components, including soap manufacturing. It will manufacture the best soaps of international standards to meet various purposes like hotels, toilets, malaria soap, soap detergent, liquid soap, shampoo etc. The butter section will produce the margarine type of butter for domestic consumption and export, cooking butter for bread, cake etc.


The oil processing section will produce palm cannel nut oil of high quality for domestic and export purposes. The palm cannel residues will be used to process cosmetics.


Kissy Industry and Trading Limited is hoping to bring in the best production and processing machines from China and India, and Alfa Laval, which is the number one food processing equipment in the world.


Community people have highly acclaimed the investment, which they assure that it will be protected against all odds.


Koffi Davies said several companies have occupied the land for decades but have done nothing to develop it. He named Sierra Leone Consolidated Refinery Group, owned by Mohammed Bassem of Sierra Leone Fishing Company, who has failed to construct an oil refinery company as promised.


The coming in of Kissy Industry and Trade Limited has effected a greater transformation in their lives as community people, most of who have been gainfully employed. Other Community Members, Mohamed Lamin Bangura, and Foday Dumbuya praised the current development work, which they say will benefit them and generations yet unborn.


Charlady of the Community, Sarah Mansaray said the project will not only create employment for youth and women in the community, rather it will also assist mostly women from other communities to be indirectly employed. "Women will be coming here to buy oil and other products on a wholesale, while others will be supplying the company with raw materials to gain income," she said. Similar sentiments were expressed by Sarah Koroma and Musu Conteh, who are small-scale farmers in the community. They called on the government to support the project so as to enable it to boost employment facilities, hence development of the country’s economy.


Source: The Calabash Newspaper

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