Time getting closer to enjoy SLBL beverages in cans...
Published On : 2018-08-29 04:31:48
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Time getting closer to enjoy SLBL beverages in cans…

By Ranger

One thing that has become apparent is that soon esteemed customers of beverages produced by the country’s outstanding brewer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products will start enjoying their preferred drinks in cans.


The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) is currently putting finishing touches in place to ensure that in September this year their popular manufactured beverages will start to be in cans for consumption.


According to SLBL’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Albert Ojo Collier, as an entity that is poised to give its numerous customers the best, they have already invested 29 billion Leones in the new canning line. He further disclosed that the civil works are almost completed and the new line will start functioning very soon.


On his part, the Company’s Managing Director, Daaf van Tilburg, indicated that they are very proud to invest in a state of the art canning line here in Freetown underscoring that it is the first of its kind in Sierra Leone.


“This investment indeed shows our commitment to offer the best to our consumers. Furthermore, it also proves our confidence in Sierra Leone and in the investment opportunities offered by the country,” he proudly maintained.


Further investigation mounted by this medium revealed that the canning line investment is part of a large investment program in which SLBL has already spent over 200 billion Leones (€ 29M) in the last three years.


It will be recalled that in 2017, SLBL doubled its production capacity with the installation of seven massive fermentation storage tanks with the objective to meet current and future demand.


Again it was also learnt that the entity’s recent investment has led to a significant increase in sales as consumers are very much appreciative of the high quality of SLBL’s beverages.


Importantly, this led to an increased contribution to the tax revenue of the country. Justifiably, the growth of SLBL has a direct positive impact on other Sierra Leonean businesses. Over 25,000 sorghum farmers and their supporting families, located all over the country, are benefitting from the cultivation and supply of sorghum to the Brewery.


In addition to the sorghum farmers, SLBL creates thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Sierra Leone via their own employees, distributors, transporters, suppliers and the entertainment sector. With the growth of SLBL, also the businesses of their partners have grown and this has created a multiplier effects all over the country. The company is doggedly committed to empower sorghum farmers with a view to enhance the Local Content Policy.


In a random survey that was recently undertaken at different entertainment points to sound the views of people on this latest move of producing can drinks many acclaimed it as a very good initiative. “It will now be convenient purchase and take along drinks in shopping bags something which is currently difficult with bottle drinks,” a frequent customer at Krio Wendy’s intimated.


Another informed how it will save the company from incurring losses that emanate from broken bottles.


“We are eagerly looking forward to the day we will start enjoying our favourite drinks in cans,” a pot-bellied middle-age man expectantly stated with a broad smile.


Apart from coming up with this new initiative of producing can drinks the company is renowned for championing various development projects with the Wellington Industrial Estate where it is located and even beyond. 

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