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Published On : 2017-12-10 00:03:12
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By Pastor Mohamed Sesay
After the piece I wrote a few weeks ago  titled: 'Nothing now for the APC Krios - used, misused and trashed', there came many reactions from mostly born and bred Krios.
Many fake Krios also made contact with some of them complaining that they are not fake despite the fact that I never named them in the article but it was evident that  they naturally saw themselves as fake as the guilty are always afraid.
From the calls a true blood Krio assured me that there was no way Krio Community will upstage Krio Descendants Union and assured me that Krio Community will soon die a natural death since it is mostly a make-up of fake Krios, Kroos who now see themselves as Krios after having spent years in this country after they migrated from neighboring Liberia to make their homes here, and Nigerians.
It was interesting that most people who made contact agreed with the whole article with some commenting on the divide and rule ploy of the APC to split the Krios and to render them as a people helpless to do anything and to finally erase their names from the annals of this country.
Somebody who spoke to me from the US told me to write a book on this with him making a comparison with what I wrote to Wellesley Cole's Kossoh Town Boy.
I was really  humbled by this considering that Kossoh Town Boy is one of my favourite books and the author is somebody that I view with the highest esteem.
Somebody talking to me from Australia said that he knew all the people I mentioned in that article as he was living just a stone's throw from 44 Fourah Bay Road where I was born.
A true blood Krio told me straight on my face after reading that article that I never did her justice by not mentioning her name but she missed the point a bit because the essence of that article was to expose the unfair way APC has treated the Krios since it came to office ten years ago even though the Krios were highly supportive of the party all those years.
 This follow-up article is now about the Krios and the fake ones who are parading as Krios even trying to hold headmanship and mayorship positions in Krio land when they are not even near to being Krios with some of them having been fostered by Krios which triggered their new identities for future impersonations.
The Krios have tolerated a lot by allowing fake Krios to be impersonating them with impunity especially some of those at the APC some of whom changed their Saio name for Sho this and Sho that.
A man who was called Saio krionised his name to Zioux and has been parading since then as a Krio attending all Krio functions and following all Krio rituals.
Even with the double double compound fake Krio names you could easily tell by their outward appearances and characters displayed that they are not true Krios.
There was one fake Krio at Kissy called Abu Johnson.
Up to the time of his death at age 75 he insisted he was a Krio even rising to the level of Senior Society Steward at a Methodist Church which is the highest position for the laity of the Church.
And that man who married a Krio lady got that position through that Abu Johnson name.
He had all the explanations in the world to justify his Krio belonging.
There was Hassana Bailey. His own made- believe Krio belonging was so believable that you found many Krios referring to him as a relative.
A true Krio lady called Oremede Crispina Williams told me that Hassana Bailey was her uncle.
When Gabriel Davies Samura got into trouble with the law, his mum took him to a Krio judge so he could plead for him making the claim that he was facing persecution because he is a Krio.
The judge told him point blank that that was not the reason.
At home his mother told him: "Na me na Krio, norto u. Krio nor dae name Samura".
Wonders never end!
A true Krio is indeed a true Krio and they are very easy to spot.
Look at this lady vying for the mayorship of Freetown called Yvonne Aki-Sawyer.
Nobody tells you she is a Krio.
Her approach to people tells.
Her home training behaviour, the way she greets strangers, you just know she is pure, pure Krio.
Her flair when she walks , her half smiles all just typical Krio!
SLPP's prospective mayoral candidate, Raymond De Souza George aka Papa Ray comes out as the sterling Krio.
He knows the Krio parables, he talks with that bass but soft voice and you find the word 'Krio', written all over him.
APC's flagbearer for the 2018 Presidential Election called Samura Kamara, the JC from Karene is a man who wants to become a Krio through the back door by joining a typical Krio Society called Freemasonry Lodge.
Late President Momoh  the man from far away Binkolo too went the Samura way but the Krios, ever so tactful, gave Momoh his just desserts when he wanted to belong where he never belonged.
Till his death Momoh was just an ordinary servant in the Lodge where he served members tea and other things.
He was the errand boy also.
Freemasonry Lodge is not a Secret Society but rather a Society of secrets and Momoh died without knowing any secrets of the Lodge.
The same with Samura Kamara who, despite all the regalia and drapings, is just an ordinary servant at the Lodge just so that he will pretend to be a Krio.
And like Momoh, till his death, he will get to know no secrets of the Lodge.
At the Seventh Day Adventist Church where I was baptized and ordained and in my sojourns in life I met very fine true Krios:
Valesius Thomas
Dennis Wilson Cole
Julian Spencer
Cassandra Garber
Bankole Davies Brown
Arthur Redwood Sawyer.
All fine Krios who, unlike peeper, Samura Kamara are qualified  enough to be called Krios.
It is these people that APC wants to divide and rule.
It is these people that APC wants to become a forgotten people 
It is these people that we pray will see the light and read through APC that there are no goods for them in this APC party and they must therefore ditch it in the coming elections.
Coming soon:
The wailings of two Krios after their rights were trampled on under APC.

Also the wailings of two Krios after Krio Community was formed. 

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