Published On : 2017-08-28 08:04:25
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We have laid to rest our fallen compatriots from the deadly mudslide and floodwaters. We have done the rituals. We have poured our hearts, and our tears nearly swelled the River Nile. 
Now is the time to rebuild. Now is the time to heal. Our resolve going forward should be: never will we allow such wicked onslaught on our nation again. Yes, it is true that our people are resilient. It is also true that our resilience as a nation has an elastic limit - it will break at the frequent stretch of it. Don't continuously put our resilience to the test. We are no super humans. We are mortals: we bleed, and sometimes our strength to rise from a breakdown is totally exhausted. 
If we are to recover and reposition, key lessons must be learnt to discourage an appendage of unending woes. We must not only gloat and loathe. We must seek to analyse and assess the prospect of a consequent disaster. When Haiti faced the annihilating power of an earthquake, there arose a cholera outbreak which further placed the people in pain and utter sorrow. The world stood cold and was greatly disturbed by this.
Not sounding a prophet of doom, but wearing an analytical and scientific cap, there is a great likelihood that we might face a cholera outbreak after an explosive mudslide and flooding episodes that brought so many unhygienic materials to our surrounding. We fear a resonance of the Haiti situation in Sierra Leone.
Therefore, we  urge the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and its partners to place energy on promoting preventive hygienic steps to kill the prospect of a cholera disaster as it occurred in Haiti.
We also encourage our compatriots to embark on frequent hand washing, robust cleaning of the  surrounding, disinfecting and sterilising all items that are prone to public use, boiling drinking water before use and doing all personal hygiene to save us.
Our resilience is strengthened by doing the things that would prevent us from unnecessary reactions, when an inexpensive act of proactiveness could save us the drama (tragedy).

By: Moses Moore Conteh Jr 

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