Published On : 2017-08-28 08:01:56
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Fellow Sierra Leoneans! 
I appreciate the efforts of all those who in their truest meaningful ways turn out to register and vote every election year. 
The fundamental question is, what good do we realise from the decisions we make every election year? Do we get better or bitter after the rituals? Better, if we prosper as a people and nation; bitter if we continue to cry for even the basic things. Power lies in your ballots. 
Democracy as the flourishing voice of the majority is but a costly enterprise!  Costly because the decisions of the majority may mean BOOM or DOOM for an arrangement.  Boom, if the voices are reasoned and made against the back-cloth of sound judgement; doom if the voices are tinted with sentiments and stained by sectionalism. Nations have enjoyed blessings and curses,  good times and bad times; poverty and deprivation, diseases and suffering as a result of the choices electorates made. 
A democracy that is not informed or reasoned is unprogressive, battered, accursed and hence no good for our humanity. It is demoCRAZY! Crazy because we allow our emotions, not our wits to get the best of us.  Crazy because we allow interest of self over national concern. Crazy because we helplessly fall for cheap incentives and not the expensive and enduring services we deserve.
Our choice of leadership should be made in full awareness of the nation we want to see, and who or which arrangement can truly make our dreams and aspirations come true: the dream of a prosperous nation, the dream of getting a workable social security and insurance scheme, the dream of a robust health system, the dream of having uninterrupted electricity, the dream of having clean and safe drinking water,  the dream of seeing our graduates gainfully employed,  the dream of having a buoyant economy; the dream of having a contemporary education that answers the questions of the time.

We the people of this great country owe our nation a sacred duty! A duty to see that our decisions on elections day usher honest servants and not looters. A duty to see we continuously hold our leaders to account when they seem to be going overboard. This is the power we have!... 

By: Moses Moore Conteh Jr.

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