Published On : 2017-08-28 07:58:31
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Author Moses Moore Conteh Jr.

Our nation's ship appears to be sailing on troubled waters. It looks as though the captain and his crew are battling  to navigate our ship from tending rough waters. We are sailing against belligerent social storms, swelling unemployment waves and vexing economic weather. 


The navigation code 444 for the cardinal compass direction seems to be giving wrong and worrying readings. Was the choice of captain and crew a flawed one? We are at the brink of hitting an economic iceberg and the resultant effect of having a good number of passengers thrown overboard is rife. Passengers on board shout for a rescue with whistle strapped to their mouths. Saliva forming into mucus seems to be marring their lips as they keep blowing to alarm rescue. They reckon in this situation, the only way out is to turn to God and ask for His divine intervention.
Sierra Leone indeed needs divine intervention now than ever. We are blessed with the richest and overflowing deposits of diamond, iron ore, titanium, oil and other precious minerals on God's green earth; yet our people live in squalor. What is wrong? Is it a problem of leadership, or the led? Is it that we the people are development shy? Tell me!!
Social and development theorists have discovered that every organisation is as good as its leader. This means that no organisation can grow beyond the leadership ability of its leader. Every organisation, be it government, business, church, army or voluntary group can only go as far as the leader's vision, strong as the leader's inner determination, tall as the leader's knowledge and firm as the leader's character will allow. Leadership is cause everything else is effect. 
The myth that the led are resistant to change has some flabby merits but does not hold. A disciplined, selfless and people oriented leadership will concern itself on providing what is necessary and what should be done and not cheaply play to the gallery. Facts speak for themselves! Ghana was transformed because of good leadership. Present day Tanzania is seeing unprecedented turnaround because of good leadership. These are few highlighted democratic countries like ours. What is wrong with us? 
The wind of development  that is blowing across Africa seems to have dazzled the face of our leadership while in coma. The spin masters and mischievous doctors who peddled information that our nation has the fastest growing economy in the world should start to eat their words. How the mighty hath fallen so soon! The politics of deceit, treachery and egocentrism must stop. It has not helped our nation and never will. This time more than ever we need a change of our leadership style. Let change ring from the top! Let change ring! And, let salvation spring! 
He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. Let us change how we spend. Let's review those feel-good projects entered into. Let's checkmate how we lavish our nation's cash in counter productive ventures. Let's police the activities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Let's minimise corruption.  Let's review! Let the leadership review all this! 
The people await economic salvation now!
By: By Moses Moore Conteh Jr.
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