Meet a bride with no hair
Published On : 2017-05-05 06:35:38
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Kylie Bramberger, 27, was diagnosed with alopecia when her hair started falling out at 12 years old. Today, besides “peach fuzz,” she has no hair, eyelashes, or eyebrows. Though it took her years of innumerable painful treatments to accept her hair loss, she knew when she got married in October, she wanted to walk down the aisle “feeling different,” she told


“I really enjoy standing out,” Bramberger told the site. She never wears a wig these days and started shaving her head in 2005. According to PEOPLE, she models and is a motivational speaker who helps other people dealing with hair loss now. She also knew “[t]here was no way [she] was going to wear a wig at [her] wedding.”


The photos (taken by Nikole Kline Photography) of her that day are perfect — and so was the day, according to a photo she posted to Instagram of her and her bridesmaids.


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