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APC and the Making of a Dictator - News in Sierra Leone
APC and the Making of a Dictator
Published On : 2016-01-20 07:30:04
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Popular interpretation of the despicable Koroma’s More-Time conundrum among Sierra Leoneans is that the soaring and dictatorial ambition of the President and his Hench-men to bruise our constitution and stay in power for ever will only mean more plundering of our state resources; induce more poverty that will lead to the virtual state of misery and malcontent in the country.


Indicators: Compromising the Corruption Fighter Anybody that is worth his salt would have long deciphered that the last genuine anti-graft hero in the country was Abdul Tejan-Cole. The appointment of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara thereafter when the former fled for apparent reasons of intimidation and political interference on his job; all and sundry knew was like putting a son to watch your back. That is what the Ernest Koroma manipulation is.


To sum it up, he has now moved into his core team of political manipulators and intimidators, a move that also signals the calls to anyone who may come after Fitz at the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) that Ernest Koroma can change and dispense of you anytime, any-day. Silencing of all Possible Contenders in the APC.  This is not hard for all to recount. It is open secrete how the rather plucky and audacious Ernest Bai Koroma has knocked-down and clamped down on all those in the APC that show any decent possibility of taking over him once his term ends.


The killing of APC Comrades Kemoh Sesay was first to take the hit; one he has since not recovered from. Alimamy Petito Koroma has gone down the political drains for no apparent and plausible reason. The prospects the Hon. Minkailu Mansaray once emitted in the APC has now been rendered dreary and lifeless all thanks to Koroma’s ploy of rendering the Ministry of Mines dysfunctional and transferring all the powers to the National Minerals Agency (NMA) where he has his boys running the show.


What of the hysterically effervescent Hon. Yayah Alpha Kanu. This is a man the ruling SLPP failed to silence from 2005 to the eventful winning of the All Peoples Congress (Ernest Bai Koroma); but has suddenly gone ice-cold for nothing but the apparent political treachery of a man he literally, single-handed worked to put in power.


What would us the time-keepers of the nation and anyone who is interested can ever deduce out of the sacking of Dr. Richard Conteh if not an act of subduing and silencing of a young man of high political prospects in the APC government. Even a Poor Woman was Intimidated: Can anyone tell us what came out of the disgraceful manipulations of the Haja Afsatu Kabbah energy and fisheries-gate that is even worth pondering over. Even the usually heavily compromised legal system could not find the poor ‘gal’ wanting. What was it? Was Koroma also afraid of the Afsatu Kabba clout? Can we also by extension ask what really was behind the rather cold resignation of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka “women advocate” Blyden as Special Executive Adviser (SEA) to the President? Blyden who has so much love for President Koroma and could yet afford to resign a job she so  enthusiastic to serve in? What went amiss is a complete mystery! Hmmm.


The uneventful sacking a bonafide Vice President and member of the APC Alhaji Sam-Sumana and subsequent twisting of the constitution tells the story in a million ways as to how far Ernest Bai Koroma is ready to go to fuel his rather grotesque flaming political ambition. What can we say of Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay, a man that has served Koroma for eight (8) strong years; transferring the agricultural sector in the country in so plain a way that it now the envy of people like the celebrated new Minister of Agriculture Prof. Monty Jones. This man who now represents the only veritable interest of the Limba people in the APC was transferred to a poppet office at State House without giving him prior knowledge of the action.


Many have continued to ask the unanswered question as to the idea behind the transfer of Dr. Sesay and the sense behind his replacement with an old and fragile University professor. Still, many quarters believe that the appointment of Fitz Kamara (one of the bright prospects to take after him-Ernest) as a government minister is a way of cajoling him to relinquish his previous post where it was difficult to have him sacked and now to an office where he can be given a notice to quit over night without any apparent reason.


Truth be told, even comrades in the APC and many who have had advisory roles around the President ever since the birth of his fiery quest for third term now only live in complete jam and quandary as to how far His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma; a seemingly unassuming gentleman in the 2002 political limelight to a man that is wholly unpredictable and ever famishing for power; is ready to go with his ‘More Time’ dreams.


By: Salhaj Ballop Kamara

Source: The Times SL


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