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Does Our President care for all Sierra Leoneans? - News in Sierra Leone
Does Our President care for all Sierra Leoneans?
Published On : 2015-01-13 08:13:04
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Does Our President care for all Sierra Leoneans?



One would not think so!!



Despite the overwhelming evidence that this EBOLA disease was killing our people, our government's reaction was denial denial denial!!!



And yet this president behaves as if all is well with his people.



It now emerges that President Koroma only knew about this deadly disease on Saturday. But because of ignorance or incompetence, or insensitivity chose to take this vital information as business as usual.


Sylvia Blyden confirmed yesterday that President Koroma only knew about our people's plight this Saturday.



Why is this president so heartless?


Any caring man would have dropped an event as insignificant as the opening of a party office, to call an emergency meeting; going back to the drawing board to find an effective strategy to contain this disease.



What did our president do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!


Josephine Koroma spoke for the silent majority when she questioned our president's leadership skills and judgement:


"How can a government be so heartless that it was left to the Special Executive Assistant to the incompetent Pres. Koroma to make such a shocking revelation on May 27th:



“One of the Ebola patients who had to flee the Koindu Kissi Teng Community Health Center when Police last evening went to rescue and escort the besieged Medical team sent to FORCIBLY take Ebola patients to Kenema yesterday, has just died at her residence where she had fled with her relatives after everyone, including the Community Health Officer, simply abandoned the Health center leaving the patients to their own devices.



Madam KUMBA SATTA was her name.



Her corpse has been taken to her village named Korosur, located three miles from Koindu for burial...."



In a crisis like this, provision of timely information aimed at combating the inevitable health menace among many other things, is an important function of a public health strategy.



Hence, inadequate tracking techniques in the public health sector can lead to huge health insecurity, and hence endanger national security, etc.


This was exactly what the government should have done.



Instead president Koroma's senior officials were preoccupied in making nuisances of themselves and clearly demonstrating that this government is recklessly sitting on a time bomb.



As Josephine Koroma said:



"So, if you have a President who cannot control his own immediate staff at State House from abusing each other on social media and newspapers, and a President who cannot reprimand his Heath Minister for such incompetence or better still take responsibility for such catastrophic failure of leadership, then our suffering people can only brace up."



Julius Maada Bio will never leave his people in harms way.



Julius Maada Bio understands that the most sacred duty of any President is the care and protection of all citizens.


Julius Maada Bio will put your Healthcare first! Above the shiny new buildings and roads.



He will not sit idly by in air conditioned offices whilst folks have no electricity or running water.



He will always put your priorities first.

Blama's Finest,

The Man Who Conjures Something Out Of Nothing!!!


Senesie Jannie Tarawally The Righteous Way Forward (Sierra Leone)



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