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Introducing the new Special Ebola Assistant to the Sierra Leone Government - News in Sierra Leone
Introducing the new Special Ebola Assistant to the Sierra Leone Government
Published On : 2014-09-17 15:31:52
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Well, what can i say? When someone has been made Special Executive Assistant to the President without any defined role and decided to take upon herself the unique role, as first, Ebola Ambassador, trotting the globe, and according to her, spending her own cash to ship home Ebola health outfits; and then decides to use her rag tag newspaper to mount a sinister campaign against anyone connected to the Health aparatus in the country, with a determination to have them replaced and have herself appointed to run the service, she deserved to be called Special Ebola Assistant.



Social Media outlets are littered with barrages of insults and profanity levied against those who have been manning the health care system of Sierra Leone. From the former Minister, who endured a witch hunt to have her removed, to the Chief Medical Officer, all of whom have been called incompetent by someone who herself have been often referred to by her colleagues in her borrowed profession, as mentally deranged. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has taken center stage with the blessings of ‘Team Blyden’ that includes but not limited to detractors of the presidency, and some fat cow party officials who all belong to the fraternity that has held our country hostage, with blackmail and threats against anyone that comes in the way of their sinister agenda to drive through their nasty political itineraries.



The former outstanding and decent Minister of Health and Sanitation was sacked unceremoniously recently after Blyden mounted a vicious campaign that was not limited to obscenities levied on the poor woman, but insults and accusations of incompetency against the Head of State, describing those who run the country as incapable of handling the Ebola crisis. Only for the world to discover that the motive was more personal than of national interest, as was being purported by this scoundrel passing for SEA. Blyden’s motive was unclear at first as she presented a well orchestrated campaign that had facts and fiction combined with statistics well documented camouflaged as criticism when infact according to new revelations, it was all geared to promote her university loverboy, the then Deputy Minister of Health, now unsuspectingly promoted by the President as the new Minister of Health, after the abrupt dismissal of the substantive holder, Madam Miatta Kargbo.



In my last piece on this matter, I admonished Blyden to stop attacking the Head of State and bringing his name into disrepute, but that went unheeded, and i told her clearly that continuation of such would lead to an overwhelming response from me. Well, she is about to discover how overwhelming my response would be in the coming days as i take things apart with sensational concision. It will be an illusion for Blyden to think that she would go on social media and use her rag-tag sheet to insult the Head of State and get away with it. Those who support,, promote and defend her interests around the corridors of power, should also have no illusions that their identities will be protected. They will be exposed and their sinister motives made public. Sabotaging the Head of State has no place in the current status quo.



Blyden was professing the incompetence of the former Health Minister, but on assumption of the same office, her so called ‘mentor’ has made no impact or difference, as people are still dying from the disease and even in greater numbers. The same health system is in place and little or no changes have been effected to make any dramatic difference in the way things are done compared to his predecessor.



Sylvia Blyden would want you to believe she was responsible for the sacking of the Minister of Health Miatta Kargbo. Her relentless pursuit of this respectable and distinguished public servant can only be compared to an OKURU Dog chasing a well-fed and decent cat. I am pretty sure the President’s decision to get rid of his Health Minister had nothing to do with Blyden. He had other reasons, and i am quite sure one of them was to get rid of the distraction created by the constant barrage of insults and profanity emanating from Blyden who is supposed to be the SEA, but instead conducting herself as attack dog of the president’s detractors.



Only desperation can lead someone to take her fight on to Facebook and attempt to convince a fake following of faithfuls to follow her retarded conviction that has no basis – only personal hatred and jealousy- to support her quest to dethrone someone whose apparent only fault is her beauty and charm. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has done everything in the book to destroy and damage the reputation of one of Sierra Leone’s finest, who has done no wrong to her or to country, simply because she was in a position she can only dream of, and she stood out as one of the most beautiful cabinet Minister the country has ever seen.



In Sylvia’s nasty book, no one else should have the limelight. Miatta Kargbo is definitely not the first cabinet woman Minister Blyden has gone after. And she won’t be the last. Blyden’s claim on Facebook that her campaign to oust Miatta was victorious, is simply foolish, as if she was responsible for the president’s decision to sack Miatta, then why has the president not sacked Information Minister Alpha Kanu, whom she has insulted with profanity and obscenity unfit for publication on this medium? Blyden simply doesn’t have the clout to have anyone sacked and she knows that. And she knows I know that as well. As International Media Adviser to President Koroma, I am close enough to him to know those who are influential around him. And i can certainly say, Blyden is not one of them.



I suspect Blyden may have blackmailed a few people to get where she is, and if she doesn’t stop dragging the president’s name to Facebook in order to foster her disingenuous agenda, she would have to contend with my pen in the coming days and months, as i will not sit by and allow Blyden to hijack the presidency and hold the country hostage . Blyden’s recent camouflaged headline referring to the President’s governance as Playcook Business, was simply disgraceful, coming from someone who sits at the inner core of state house. When you are that close to the presidency and you have concerns, you express them privately. But it seems that Blyden’s private expressions may have been repeatedly ignored because of consistent irrationality reminiscent of her recent Facebook rantings. You cannot force the Head of State to do what you want. You can make recommendations and leave it with him to decide on the best course of action. But Blyden believes that she has all the answers to the country’s problems and that she is the most competent government official, and attempts to force the President’s hand is nothing new. Threats have no role in the new political life of Sierra Leone. The country has moved on and you have a new breed of officials who know full well where to draw the line.



The Ebola issue is already a critical one , and to use that at this most difficult of times to foster or promote one’s nasty political agenda by making yourself look like you are the only one doing something about it, when you have selfless health workers putting their lives on the line to save lives, is simply disgusting. Blyden’s approach to Social media is to use such mediums as tools to go after her so called enemies and foster her own weird agenda. Her ability to blend insults and praise for the presidency is second-to none. She carefully selects her words in the middle of a vicious attack to leave no trace of her motive. It’s amazing how one minute she praises the president and the next she damns the government’s response. Its all a ploy to make herself look good to her audience and leave the president pondering about her true motives. She portrays herself as a newspaper publisher/Journalist, but when you are part of a government and you don’t realize the ramifications of what you write on that very government then you are simply incompetent and lack the PR understanding of your borrowed profession. Blyden’s lack of temerity in how she administers things have done a lot of damage to country and presidency. When one looks closely at the audacity of her actions, one may be tempted to believe she knows she can get away with murder because she can use the blackmail tools at her disposal. The Information Minister did not mince his words when he recently waned that Blyden may be a spy at state house. It seems Blyden came close to the seat of power to discover how things work and use that as a political pawn to achieve her dubious objectives



Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has made herself look important to the Sierra Leone public when she herself knows that her appointment came about for reasons not because of competence or qualification, but rather because of the same systematic campaign of hate and constant threats. Blyden has endlessly switched allegiance to suit her own political agenda. As Alpha Kanu described her, she is s demented rumour monger and i would add, an incompetent and deceptive character. I will pause for now but i must say, i am closely watching Blyden from now on, any more attempt to denigrate the presidency will be met with utmost volatility that she will have difficulty contending with for the rest of her selfish political life.


The views expressed here are purely those of the author and not necessarily those of the publishers

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